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Fashion Photographer shooting in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Burbank and Venice

Jon McKee is a photographer in Los Angeles who is very well established as a fashion photographer and beauty, photographer, commercial photographer, and product photographer. For the past 30 years as a professional photographer, my studio, Jon Mckee Phototgraphyis a high quality photography studio in Los Angeles, California. I consider myself a very experienced photographer with extensive knowledge on all the aspects of digital photography. Also very experienced with social media and Instagram photography. I studied photography at Art Center and learned all the aspects of the photography lighting to express the mood and composition to enhance the impact. Jon McKee Photography is located near the Kodak Theater and the Grove in the heart of Los Angeles. I work in all of Southern California including cities like Beverly Hills, Burbank, Brentwood, Studio City, Downtown, Venice Beach, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Camarillo, The Valley, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, Oxnard, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, North Hollywood, Westlake Village, Woodland Hills, ,Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach.

Los Angeles Fashion Photographer, Beauty Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer, Advertising, Commercial Photographer and Celebrity Photographer

Many art directors come to Los Angeles and Hollywood and are looking for a Fashion Photographer that can give them the perfect photo shoot. Jon McKee Photography is often times the one they choose.!

Product, Lookbook and Catalogue Photographer

Your Product or Catalogue will be the best you could ever imagine:

Looking for a top fashion, commercial and lifestyle photograher in Los Angeles

Searching for a lifestyle photographer in Los Angeles should be quite easy once you find Jon McKee Photography. Jon shoots top quality digital photographs in Los Angeles.

Fashion Photographer in Hollywood

A family of professional photographers based in Hollywood, California. Got an early start in the early 1990s working as a fashion and portrait photographer for all the major studios in LA. If you are an art director or are visiting Los Angeles and need a photographer please call our studio and we can set up a free portfolio review.


Jon McKee sees life through the lens. Working on personal projects, collaborating with fellow Los Angeles photographers for fun or focusing passionately on his own corporate or lifestyle photography, Jon puts 110% into each effort with the same amount of enthusiasm and joy of life. His passion shines through all his work and it is evident in each and every photo he takes.


Jonís extensive experience continually adds to his portfolio due to his high demand as a top fashion and portrait photography. Organizations clamoring to either update their libraries of stock photography or are in need of a marketing, advertising or product photographer often call upon Jon many times a year for his insightful services. Jon McKee fills his schedule quickly and is quite evidently one of the busiest Los Angeles photographers working today.

Jon shoots a broad spectrum of subject matter. Corporations often call on him for product photography and advertising. For years, stock photography has been a major force in corporate imaging. The business world is constantly changing and therefore Jon McKee is always supplying stock and product images for corporations. Jon McKee assignments are quite often to update the information. Capturing these photographs allows Jon to stretch creatively because it allows him to continually do something fresh and exciting while building long term relationships with his clients. Most of Jon McKee's photography business consists of referrals and repeat business. Jon McKeeís standing in the photography community stands at the top as a premier Los Angeles photographer!


Jon McKeeís talents extend far beyond portraits, however, as he is also quite effective at capturing those candid moments in life. Another aspect of the craft that can fall under the lifestyle photography category, natural life in motion enhances much of his still and location photography in Los Angeles. As any true Los Angeles photographer would, Jon captures the urban flavor perfectly because the stylish look that he imbues upon his subjects helps to define his identity and reflect his overall tone with both panache and grace. Finding the right lifestyle photographer to capture your photographs in the manner you want can be challenging, but Jonís approach far surpasses all other lifestyle photographers. His greatest attribute is the ability to listen to what his clients want so that he is able to pick up on the general theme his client would like expressed and translate that to exceptional and unique lifestyle photography.


While Jon Mckee enjoys his status as being one of the elite Los Angeles photographers, he also longs to be seen as more than just a ďLos Angeles photographerĒ. Although Jon is a sought after digital photographer in Los Angeles and all of Southern California because of his superior technique and keen visual representations and imagery, he has one eye on the lens ant he other always slightly cocked toward the future. For one thing, he changes the manner in which he deals with clients as a professional digital photographer. A digital photographer uses digital technology to create images of subjects. Until the advent of digital technology, the craft of photography relied solely film to create images which could be made visible by photographic processing. Digital images can be displayed, printed, stored, manipulated, transmitted, and archived using digital and computer techniques, without chemical processing. Digital photography is one of several forms of digital imaging. Digital images are also created by non photographic equipment such as computer tomography scanners and radio telescopes. Digital images can also be made by scanning conventional photographic images. Jon McKee loves being a digital photographer and urges more and more companies to make use of its capabilities. Jon catalogs all of his digital images for a company and provides the company access to those images for all of the advertising media. Most digital photographers will not do that as they prefer to sell and resell the same photographs to the company. Jonís goal is to be the easiest and most flexible digital photographer to work with and, by making those images available for download when ever they are needed, Jon allows a company is able to standardize their brochures, print media, advertising media and reports with standard images. Furthermore, it breeds a welcome and long lasting and trusting relationship between Jon and his clients. If you are looking for maximum flexibility in a digital photographer, Jon McKee is the best.

Product Photographer

When you begin your search for a product photographer in Los Angeles, California, I hope you'll consider Jon McKee Photography. Whether you're an advertising agency (ad agency), small business, or a corporate entity in LA or anywhere in southern CA, I'm happy to serve as your commercial product photographer.

Jon McKee Ė Los Angeles, California Based Professional Photographer


Jon McKee has long been considered a premiere photographer in Southern California. From his humble beginnings where he was encouraged to see the world through a lens by his father all the way through to the current day, Jonís original vision and his ability to let that show through his work is just one attribute that makes him an elite Los Angeles photographer. His passion for people, products and places has given him the freedom to work with editorial, design, annual report and advertising clients doing everything from corporate photography to portrait photography and everything in between.

Although Jon specializes as a corporate, product, advertising and commercial photographer, he is known to branch out to do both solo personal projects and collaborative efforts for charity. He is extremely respected in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area as a photographer who is a consummate professional who is consistently at the top of his craft. His familiarity with the locations and his vast list of resources and relationships in the industry is unsurpassed. Thatís why so many creatively inclined individuals and clients from all over the country call on Jon for the perfect local shot or large production. For any kind of imagery, film or digital, you can always depend on this LA photographer for the highest professionalism and quality in every aspect of your project.


Jon McKee is a Los Angeles-based advertising photographer who has been shooting professionally for over 20 years. His versatility means he is not pigeonholed into any one single category of photography, and he is as comfortable shooting a simple still life as he is working on large location productions.

Named one of L.A.'s "Top Photographers" by Hollywood Weekly, Jon's ability to shoot a wide range of subject matter allows many of his clients a one-stop solution to their photographic needs. He was selected as the environmental portrait photographer for the '14 Days' project, where during the Great Britain segment he shot over 60 portraits in 14 days. A travelling exhibition of his work from the project appeared across the UK as well as in several exhibitions in the US, and he has since been named to the project's board of directors.

Jon frequently teaches at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA, when his schedule permits, and travels internationally for both work and pleasure.

The Los Angeles Photographer that makes products, people, places and clients look good.

Jon McKee is an extraordinary and well-established Los Angeles area Photographer. A photographer in LA with over two decades of acclaimed work and impeccable reputation for creative excellence. Jon was born and raised in Southern California, where he attended 1the prestigious Art Center College of Design, studying Photography. After opening his studio, this ambitious and talented LA photographer began making a name for himself as a dynamic Commercial Photographer, a creative Lifestyle Photographer, a savvy Advertising Photographer, a buttoned-down Corporate Photographer, an inspiring Annual Report Photographer and a techno-savvy Digital Photographer. His reputation as a committed professional photographer grew and developed shoot after shoot, award after award.

Jonís expertise in photography and film have garnered him prestigious awards, projects, grants, commendations, board positions and honors. But itís the personal satisfaction he receives from his body of work that pleases him most.

Jon Mckee thinks like the client.

Headshots in Los Angeles - Models need test shoots to update their modeling portfolios. Actors need head shots and photographers in Los Angeles photograph them. Professional photographer Jon McKee has a cunning way of bringing out the true personality of a celebrity. Helping them feel comfortable and relaxed will produce great images of Hollywood celebrities and actors. He has many studios at his disposal..

Working with the Best:

Jon McKee has the latest in digital photographic technology. Jon McKee always says that working with the best is the only way you can deliver the best images to clients. Jon's philosophy goes beyond his equipment and into the the support staff and crew that he brings together for every job. Consequently Jon McKee's productions are smooth, professional, and quite fun. The work produced, speaks for itself. Time and time again clients always comment about the quality and seamless nature of Jon's productions, from start to finish.

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Fashion Photographer Los Angeles

Jon McKee Photography is a full service digital photography studio located in Los Angeles. Jon dedicates himself to giving his clients a complete photography production service from artistic conception to the final images. Jon McKee Photography specializes in Look books, Catalogs, Website photos and Advertising photography. With Jon McKee's digital photography studio in Los Angeles and 30 years experience in fashion photography he is ready for your project.

  • Music Photographer
  • Professional Photographer
  • Look Book Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Offering photography services for advertising, website, promotional material, CD covers, posters and look books. Jon specializes in Fashion Photography, Beauty Photography, and Lifestyle Photography. Jon always works towards giving the client or art director the best possible pictures.

  • Location Photographer
  • Studio Photographer
  • Your project can be shot in our professional photo studio. If you prefer to shoot on location then Jon has many locatin ideas to help you with your scouting. Jon McKee also offers casting services to help you select the models for your photo shoot. Jon McKee Photography will help you with every stage of producing a very successful photo shoot